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Your Gateway to Enhanced Longevity and Optimal Wellness

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Embarking on a Health Odyssey

Desiring a life that thrives on health and vitality? You've landed at the right place.

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The Myochem Collective

Our innovations aren't accidental. They stem from a team that thrives on scientific dedication and an undying passion for health.

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Deciphering the Health Code

The realm of health and wellness, with its myriad nuances, has always been a puzzle we're eager to solve.

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The Myochem 100/100 Commitment

Your trust is paramount. We stand behind our products with unwavering confidence.

       • Clinically Dosed Formulas    • Certified cGMP Facility   • 100% Natural Ingredients    • 3rd Party LabTested.   • 100-Day Guarentee   • Small-Batch Limited Supplies

Look Feel & Perform at Your Best • Look Feel & Perform at Your Best • 

• Look Feel & Perform at Your Best • 

Our Vision

Founded in 2007, Myochem is dedicated to helping individuals achieve an optimal life through superior nutrition and cutting-edge advancements. Our mission is to support peak performance in every aspect of life, from health and fitness to sleep and cognitive function. We strive to revolutionize wellness with our scientifically-backed products.

Our Journey

Recognizing the need for integrity and transparency in the nutraceutical industry, Myochem was created to counter the market’s reliance on pseudoscience and exaggerated claims. With a commitment to quality and efficacy, our products are designed and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Key Figures


Ryan Evans, Founder

Ryan Evans founded Myochem in 2007 with a passion for achieving optimal health and wellness through scientifically-backed nutrition. With over 20 years of experience in the nutraceutical industry, Ryan’s vision is to help individuals reach their highest potential in all areas of life. His background includes pioneering work at EAS, Impact Nutrition, and Hard Nutrition, where he honed his expertise and commitment to integrity in the industry.


Dr. Michael Gazsi, ND, Partner

Dr. Michael Gazsi, ND, joined Myochem as a partner to design and manufacture our products. With a state-of-the-art facility and rigorous quality standards, Dr. Gazsi ensures that every Myochem supplement meets the highest levels of efficacy and safety. His expertise in naturopathic medicine brings a holistic approach to our formulations, emphasizing both scientific rigor and natural health.


Our Mission

At Myochem, our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals with scientifically-backed nutritional products. We believe in the transformative power of proper nutrition to enhance physical performance, improve overall well-being, and support a healthier lifestyle. Our goal is to help you become an optimal human, performing at the highest levels in all areas of life. By integrating advanced technology into our business practices, we ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and continual innovation.


Our Commitment

We are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients and the latest research to formulate our products. Each Myochem supplement is crafted with utmost care, ensuring our customers receive the best possible support for their health and fitness journeys. Our partnership with Dr. Michael Gazsi leverages his expertise in naturopathic medicine and rigorous manufacturing standards.


Quality Assurance

Our supplements are manufactured in state-inspected cGMP labs in the United States, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. Every raw material and product undergoes extensive testing to guarantee efficacy, comprehensive testing, quality control, and company integrity.

Our Products

We use state-of-the-art ingredients such as Quatrefolic®, benfotiamine, Albion chelated minerals, OptiMSM, ParActin, LJ100, IgY Max, Meriva, ResistAid, Sunfiber, C3Complex, Kaneka, CoQSol, mixed carotenoids, and many others. Our products are available exclusively through healthcare professionals. Please consult your healthcare professional to determine which supplements are best for you.Join us on our mission to make the world a healthier place, one supplement at a time. With our dedication to quality and innovation we are committed to providing superior products and services at competitive prices.

    • Clinically Dosed Formulas    • Certified cGMP Facility    • 100% Natural Ingredients    • 3rd Party LabTested    • 100-Day Guarentee    • Small-Batch Limited Supplies

Look Feel & Perform at Your Best • Look Feel & Perform at Your Best •

• Look Feel & Perform at Your Best •

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